ThankThis user Dale talks about ThankThis in this YouTube video. He likes how fast and easy it is to get current events, headlines, and full-articles while benefiting good causes.

Time saving and efficient news reader for social good

ThankThis news reader for social good

We just wanted to update you that we have launched out ThankThis for mobile in the android market.

If you like efficient and fast access to news and content and you like helping good causes without opening your wallet, we encourage you to try our android app in the android app market.  If you have your phone with you, just scan the image to the left and you’ll be taken directly to the page to get our app.

For those who want to read more about it in the web-based app market, just go here.


We ran into CivilBeat, an online newspaper, and hoped that this newcomer might have an interesting approach to the news and revenue model issues facing online journalism. Instead, we found a paywall.

While we’re not against new and innovative business models, it seems that a paywall for a young online magazine is a little aggressive. Without any history, assurance of quality, or high-profile “branded reporting,” it’s asking potential readers to take a huge leap of faith with their hard-earned cash.

We’ve just soft-launched our private beta and are now accepting requests for information and invitations here.